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What is Sveta Lisica?

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Sveta Lisica means "Saint Fox" in Slovenian (or, more literally, "holy fox." The fox has always had significance to Sara, being an animal of mischief, independence, playfulness, and daring that has inspired her as she walks off the beaten path. Under Sveta Lisica, you too can latch onto the energy to do something new—whether with your spirituality, your writing & publishing journey, or your brand.

NOTE: Spiritual services should never replace professional medical or psychological advice. These are for "entertainment" only.

See Sveta Lisica's services below to learn more about how Sara can help you with your spiritual, writerly, or design and branding goals.

How Can Sara Help You?


Spiritual Services

Writing & Editing Services

Digital social media
Blogger with Mobile Phone

Social Media &

Book Design Services

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