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Easy Homemade Slovenian Bread Recipe | Sara's Kitchen Witchcraft

Or as it's called in Slovenian: Čebulni Kruh s Poprom

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On my last visit to Slovenia, I happened to go during September, the month of my birthday—and my aunt, God bless her, has a thing for gift giving. A new wooden spoon, two incredible books on Slovenian food in both Slovenian and English, and a few other things ended up among the many items my boyfriend and I puzzled over how to fit into our luggage, but if you ask a kitchen witch like me, it was more than worth the struggle.

(If you ask my boyfriend, he may tell you something different, though. It was quite the feat, getting all the things I bought home.)

But one book was Andrej Goljat's book on bread (or kruh in Slovenian, pronounced kroo-h—yes, you add the breathy "h" sound at the end). This easy homemade Slovenian bread recipe I actually first made for Easter, with a few of the changes I'm about to show you, and it was a hit. Everyone loved it. Soft, savory, and so very fragrant, this bread is something that makes incredible sandwich loaves or a really nice rustic loaf, all depending on what kind of bread you like best. If you're making a rustic loaf, I do say that some homemade garlic confit or even just some liverwurst will be delightful. I know my favorite ham and cheese sandwich, or grilled cheese sandwich, will be divine.

But even though bread consists of four simple ingredients—flour, water, yeast, and salt—this bread has a couple additions to it that will make it perfect for money workings. Namely, I'm talking about wheat, onion, black pepper, and, if you have no qualms with meat or pork specifically, some pork lard.

Yes, pork lard! Slovenians love their pork.

Magic in Onion and Pepper Bread

Homemade Bread, Quick Bread, Easy Bread, Slovenia, Cultural Food, Slovenian, Onion Bread, Slavic, Money Spell, Magic, Money Magic, Prosperity, Homemade, Kitchen Witch, Kitchen Witchery, Witchcraft

We already talked about pig a little last week, but the same applies here with the pork lard (if you choose to use it): pigs are lucky little animals, and they signify a full belly, a rich house, a happy life. When you add that to the money-bringing powers of wheat and onion, as well as the energy-inspiring, passionate little peppercorns, you're bound to have a lucky loaf of bread to carry with you any day of the week—whether as a sandwich bread, a rustic loaf, or just something good to snack on. (And remember: onion and pepper are great protectors, too!)

The blend of power here is stabilizing and creative, helping you weave the magic for future career moves, projects, or other endeavors that have you taking risks for big gains. With Venus, the Sun, and Mars, and the elements Earth and Fire, this bread is a great one for also invoking thoughts of the beautiful life you'll create, either solo or with a partner. It's all about vision, security, and financial success in this house when a good onion pepper bread is baking!

Homemade Bread, Quick Bread, Easy Bread, Slovenia, Cultural Food, Slovenian, Onion Bread, Slavic, Money Spell, Magic, Money Magic, Prosperity, Homemade, Kitchen Witch, Kitchen Witchery, Witchcraft

Easy Homemade Slovenian Bread Recipe

Prep time: 3 1/2 hours

Cook time: 45-50 minutes

Makes 2 regular loaves (or one large loaf)


  • 800g bread flour

  • 200g wheat flour

  • 20g salt

  • 25g active dry yeast

  • 600ml lukewarm water

  • 1 medium onion

  • 75g pork lard***

  • 25g neutral vegetable oil

  • 10g ground black pepper

***I like to save the fat that cooks off from bacon or sausage for this! However, if you're vegan or unable to eat pork, you can always replace the pork fat with beef tallow, or just use 100g margarine or vegetable oil instead.


  1. Finely dice your onion. Reserve half.

  2. Heat up 75g of pork lard and fry your onions in the, until browned.

  3. Remove from heat and let cool enough to touch (or let cool enough to mix in some of your water without splattering).

  4. Mix your flour in a large bowl.

  5. Add your instant yeast to one side of the bowl, and your salt, raw onion, and pepper to the other side.

  6. Add your cooked onion and lard, your oil, and your water.

  7. Thoroughly mix with a dough whisk (or a stand mixer on your usual bread setting), then knead for another 2-3 minutes.

  8. Cover and let rest in a warm spot until doubled.

  9. Turn out the dough onto a flourless table.

  10. If making two loaves: cut the dough evenly in half.

  11. If necessary, slap and fold the dough a few times to make it more cohesive, then shape into taut ball(s).

  12. Let rest in either a bread pan or in a boule for another 30min.

  13. Preheat your oven to 430 degrees Fahrenheit

  14. Bake your bread covered for 30min, uncovered for 20min (or, for two smaller loaves, covered for 27min, uncovered for 18min).

  15. Let rest on a wire rack for at least an hour before cutting.

This bread is the only bread that could convince me to buy instant yeast again after a good couple years of baking exclusively sourdough. It is so delicious, a must if you're looking for a savory bread, and so easy to put together.

Yes, I said easy! Don't let the time intimidate you; any baker will tell you that the majority of a baked good's time is just waiting for the dough to puff up. The actual active time, as they call it, is something closer to maybe 30-40min. Take the opportunity to clean your kitchen or read a book while you wait for the yeast to work!

And as always, enjoy!


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Sara Raztresen is a Slovene-American writer, screenwriter, and Christian witch. Her fantasy works draw heavily on the wisdom she gathers from her own personal and spiritual experience, and her spiritual practice borrows much of the whimsy and wonder that modern society has relegated to fairy-and-folktale. Her goal is to help people regain their spiritual footing and discover God through a new (yet old) lens of mysticism.

Follow Sara on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and explore her fiction writing here.

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