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—Exodus 20:3


In many a Christian mind, people take for granted the reason, the need, for a commandment like this at all; they mistakenly equate mere belief with worship. But in fact, this commandment is also a confession: other gods exist, and have always existed, guiding our pagan ancestors in lands and times and cultures so very different from the first people to know God.


One might write these deities off as nothing more than myths and legends, but even then, what if there's more to the story of the gods than what's written down in the texts of antiquity? And what if they're not only real, but have never stopped speaking to us, trying to tell those stories?


What if we simply forgot how to listen? To the gods of our ancestors—and to the God so many folks still follow today?


In Sara Raztresen's Where the Gods Left Off, the reader has the chance to explore the realm of the Divine with her, following along as she reaches across the unseen world to get answers and rebuild long-burned bridges.


In this book lies her encounters with angels and demons, gods and Saints, all across various culture and faiths, and the reflections and knowledge that come with these meetings.



  • A copy of Where the Gods Left Off, signed by Sara
  • Dice divination to determine which interview you should start your reading with
  • A one-card tarot pull with booklet description and my thoughts/interpretation.


All books are shipped every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Where the Gods Left Off | SIGNED Paperback

Thank you for grabbing a copy of Where the Gods Left Off! Your book will be shipped as soon as we get more in stock. I really appreciate your support and patience! ♥
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