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Get a copy of Discovering Christian Witchcraft with a scripture pull from co-author Sara Raztresen!


Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live may be one of the most frequently quoted verses against the budding community of a group that calls themselves Christian witches. But what if there was more to the verse than meets the eye?


In the age of deconstruction and new methods of discovering one’s personal spirituality, Christians dissatisfied with the current state of their religion are looking to make a change, whether from within or without the church. In the words of Jurgen Moltmann in his work, The Crucified God, these believers face a crisis of identity and relevance, struggling to understand how they can hold onto their faith, their God, in a way that doesn’t further damage society per the archaic values of many of their religious institutions.


Sara Raztresen and Emyle D. Prata proposes a new method of understanding public faith and personal spirituality with a deep dive into the world of Christian witchcraft—everything from folk traditions and spellwork basics to critical looks at the Bible, its history, and its leading figures that show the powerful magic hidden within. This book aims to give readers the tools to unite Christian religion with personal witchcraft practice, with a defense of the craft within Christian contexts, a guide to discovering one’s own personal walk with God, and plenty of interactive pages to work through their newfound magical style.

Discovering Christian Witchcraft | Paperback

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