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Discovering Christian Witchcraft

Thank you again for ordering a copy of Discovering Christian Witchcraft! We hope you enjoy the book and get some insight on how to get started in your path. If you're ready to start planning out your own spells and rituals, we've got some downloadable PDFs you can print out for your own personal grimoires, as well as sample spell pages!

We recommend getting a folder, three-ring binder, or other organizing tool to organize your grimoire so that you can add, remove, and rearrange your pages as you see fit.

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Downloadable PDFs

With all you learn in this book, it's only right that you get some templates and resources to help yo build your own spells and such, too! Use these to get the hang of crafting your own spells, rituals, and more, and keep them secret—keep them safe—with options to keep your grimoire entirely digital or hidden in plain binders or folders.

Blank Spell Sheet Templates

These are perfect for any type of spell you're trying to create. They offer options for which moon phase, day of the week, materials, and type of spell you're building, as well as plenty of space for writing down notes and directions.

Download Printable Sheets | Download Digital Interactive Sheets

Sample Spells

If the spell template is overwhelming to figure out right away, take a peek at these sample spells to see what it looks like to have one filled out! There are spells for various situations that you can use as they are or as inspiration for your own work.

Download Printable Sheets | Download Digital Interactive Sheets

New/Full Moon Ritual Pages

One of the easiest ways to keep a solid rhythm in your practice is to do some new and full moon rituals. These sheets are fully customizable and help you figure out your divinations, ritual focus, and more for these bi-monthly lunar events (as well as give you the space to do some research of your own as you discover more about moon magic).

Download Printable Sheets | Download Digital Interactive Sheets

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