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Learning to Use Magic as a Christian (4 Modules)

  • 28Days
  • 19Steps


Have you always grown up with an understanding that there was more to God than what everyone said in church—that there was a power you had as someone made in the image of the Divine? If so, maybe you'd like to learn how to access and channel that power through magic and spellwork. In this course, I explain both the fundamental principles of magic—what it is, where it lives in the body, and how to get acquainted with it—the basics of divination, and how to use it all to fuel the engine of all your magical endeavors. This includes an introduction to your instructor and reasons to be a Christian witch (free!) as well as the units Basics of Magic, Introduction to Methods of Divination, and Basics of Spellwork (so four of the ten total video courses available in my Christian Witch Introduction program). Get these four weeks' worth of learning for a discounted price! NOTE: These courses are never designed to replace or contradict professional medical or psychological advice. These are for personal and entertainment use only, and your mental, physical, and emotional health before, during, and after this program are your responsibility. Sara is NOT LIABLE for your spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical state in any way.

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