April Writing Progress: Personal Thoughts & Persistence

Agents, revisions, and thinking of the next steps from here.

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This Month So Far:

  • Queried 15 agents

  • Edited about 40% of my historical fantasy

  • Started 2 new incredibly fun Tiktok series

  • Restarted my blog!

Lots of good stuff going on, lots of fun new developments—though the only thing I wish I could do a little more efficiently is revising my current novel. I'm not going to lie and say that I like revising. I really don't. I hate it, in fact.

Where the first drafts are expansive worlds waiting to be molded, where I can take an outline and shred through words almost easily, with concrete goals set and hit each month, revising just isn't the same. Revising requires me to sit and think, tinker with things, sit and think some more, delete entire pages only to put them back, rewrite entire chapters just to decide I didn't even need them in the first place, and so on. It's a miserable time.

But my main goal is to finish the big edits of my historical fantasy by the end of the month, and as we're halfway through April, I can say that I'm confident I'll get there. I may be worried and panicking a little about that deadline, but I can do it. Which also means I can, indeed, write and revise a book within six months. (I'm not counting March because I actually ended up attending the virtual New York Pitch Conference, which, while incredible and amazing and insightful, took up 3 of my 4 weeks of March for revising the book I'm currently querying and fixing my pitch).

It means I only have two weeks left to fix this thing before I have to start tackling Book 2 of the book I'm currently querying, which, once that is done, means I'm free to start something new again. I'd like to start something new now, but with Book 1 in the query trenches, I feel like Book 2 needs to basically already be done before its predecessor even gets accepted.

Is it silly and irrational? I don't know. Is it stressful? Yes, a million times yes.

But I feel like if I don't set these goals, I just won't see any forward movement. No forward movement means my goals stay out of reach, and I just can't have that. I firmly believe that there's no such thing as failing until one has given up, and for me, giving up means not chasing that forward movement anymore.

I love my writing a little bit too much to let myself fail at it.

So onward we go. My goals for the rest of the month are as follows:

  • Finish last half of historical fantasy draft 3 and write query letter for it

  • Query at least 15 more agents, for a total of 45 in April

  • Fix a small portion of what I'm querying now because it's bugging me.

I actually had 3 more things on that list, but something I'm trying to practice is reasonable expectations. It is not good for my blood pressure to overload my To Do List and then beat myself up about not being able to basically do the impossible.

And now it's onward and upward from here. Wishing everyone a lovely and peaceful Easter tomorrow, and a productive rest of the month!

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